Am I Consistent?

consistency is the key


Definition of Consistent

Acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate; continue in


I know of this shower faucet that no matter how tight you twist the knob, it always drips. One drop after the other. Ceaselessly – drip! drip! drip!. The drip consistency becomes an annoyance pretty quick – I know you get me. To reduce the annoyance, we learnt to put a bucket where all these drips would collect and goodness! The bucket would be full at the end of the day. This meant that put in the right environment and given enough time, that same dripping with that same consistency, can have an enormous difference in the life of a thirsty person(s).

It’s funny how consistency is one of the most desired character yet the hardest to achieve. Being consistent reminds me of great men in the bible…

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